Dali is a modular and low-code platform where you can intuitively create VR environments for data analytics.

Get ready to explore the unknown

Taking advantage of the VR benefits, you’ll be able to visualize, explore and understand data in exciting ways.

The result? Empowerment to access relevant insights, discover hidden patterns and ultimately achieve faster and better decisions.

With Dali you can take advantage of different VR Apps to unlock and customize your VR environment.

Visualization Apps

Show data in a different, quick and clear way, giving adequate context to understand patterns and trends.

Interaction Apps

Navigate and manipulate data through natural interfaces and gestures.

Data Connector Apps

Connect with external data sources in order to feed and update the VR world.

WHY Dali

Low code & modular

Leverage from a visual programming interface to create VR worlds without 3D programming expertise.


Adapt your VR environments according to your industry and product with different apps to visualize and interact with it.

Extensible SDK

Create your own apps, making Dali constantly evolving and with unlimited scalability.

Why VR for data analytics?

Boosted learning

Immersive & Focus:

be tele-transported to a new experience with no distractions from the outside world

Pattern recognition:

visualizations equivalent to the real world, to which human perception is optimized

Unlimited data representation


interact with data all around you


combine and gather data from different sources (video, audio, sound, text, images)



handling big data is unnatural; with VR data is in your hands


drill down information in an easy and intuitive way to extract more insights



follow uncertain paths for different insights


sense and maximize data insights through multiple sensorial channels (visual, 3D sound, tactile, smell and taste)


Data Scientists and Analytics

Drill down into data and advanced analytics. Access innovative insights, trends and patterns.


Create and imagine new ways to interact, visualize and sense Big Data.

Developers & Engineers

Create, connect and transform the data analytics pipeline by proposing new virtual environments while receiving monetary commissions.

Executives and businesses

Track high level KPIs in a virtual environment instead of using traditional dashboards.


Curious about where we’ve been showcasing our immersive experience? Here you can find where have we been and also what are the next realities to be unlocked in the upcoming months.

"It provides a lot of new types of visualization features. Data outcomes with more clarity. After an initial training, it was easy to control and filter data with my hands! Amazing."

The Economist

"Very interesting! It was incredible to see how I can drill different levels of information by virtual touching many elements in the space."

Singapore Fintech Festival

"In fact I can see and identify different relationships and patterns more visually. In future, with your final platform and marketplace, I think you will provide one very exciting solution to fit organizations with many sizes and products."

Deloitte Events






Cups of Coffee


Lines of Code

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